Bringing light to the bedside

We are transforming the healthcare provider staffing industry by sending Ambassadors to serve at the most sacred time of healing.

Locums is no longer a dirty word!

Medical Ambassadors is a national organization placing dedicated and caring physicians and APPs at the bedside to provide peace of mind in a time of staffing crisis.

Grounded in experience, we navigate complex and uncertain situations through understanding the circumstances and knowing what matters.
We hire intentionally and seek traits of compassion, faithfulness, humbleness, and honor.
We believe great health benefits are achievable through using resources in a cost-effective way.
We believe in honest feedback and share alternative viewpoints even when it is uncomfortable or against the “way it has always been done.”
Achieving great results requires a burning desire to impact the lives of others.
What we do

We place providers into facilities that maximize their potential as a clinician, leader, and team member.


Boutique Locums Placement

Through extensive experience and broad expertise, we always offer the highest quality providers.

Boutique Locums Placement

Our boutique approach positions us to offer the hospital and provider an effective suite of personalized services providing the crucial support needed during times of staffing transitions.

Physician Advocacy

Years of invaluable experience and knowledge in the staffing industry allow our physician-led organization to support our providers with relevant industry knowledge.

Physician Advocacy

Patient-focused practice which can often lower readmission rates, lower hospital costs, and raise patient satisfaction.
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Transition Services

Your service line belongs to you; you own your provider group and gain professional management within your facility.

Transition Services

In-House Medical is the only provider management group that insources hospital service lines across the U.S. to ensure your survival in an era of shrinking healthcare dollars.
Our Providers

Ambassador of excellence

Through our interviewing and onboarding process, we not only look for, but expect our providers to know and accept our lofty standards of patient care.

Medical Ambassadors know that you desire to be successful in your journey. We understand that life is too short to work with companies that will put profit over patients.  Medical Ambassadors will reflect your excellence.

Physician owned and operated

60+ years of combined healthcare industry experience

Strong physician advocates

Responsive and agile company

Fees 100% Contingent on Placement

Your journey matters!

We take your career personally. We believe that every Medical Ambassador has a purpose.

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What Hospital and Providers Say About Us

Patients remember how they were treated

We strive to be excellent. We are not a volume partner, but a sharp shooter. Our recruiters are intentional about learning the hospital culture and focusing on the candidate’s needs, desires, and motivations.

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