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Medical Ambassadors is a stand for dignifying the care of the patient by recognizing our purpose to serve and impart integrity to our fellow man. We create innovative, effective hospital-based provider placements by supporting our providers in service of the facility and patient.


Medical Ambassadors is in the business of placing providers into facilities that maximizes their potential as a clinician, educator, and team member. We prepare our providers to respond to the changing landscape of healthcare in order to be successful in their assignments.

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Country’s best boutique locums placement company​

We are the country’s best boutique locums placement company. Most locums companies are out to shove you into a job they have. They have fought with all those other companies to do what is best for them not for you. A boutique locums company is different. We listen to what you want and where you want to go. We then work on your behalf to place you in a position that gives you the opportunity you are looking for.


As a boutique we look for what you want, not sell you on something you don’t want. We believe when you are reaching your potential you become an Ambassador of quality. You now represent Medical Ambassadors to our clients, patients, and medical communities.

We know the value of exceptional quality