Who we are.

Who we are.

We seek to uphold the noblest of all principles, that we would treat others the way we ourselves would want to be treated.

Medical Ambassadors is a stand for dignifying the care of the patient by recognizing our purpose to serve and impart integrity to our fellow man. We create innovative, effective hospital-based provider placements by supporting our providers in service of the facility and patient.

Medical Ambassadors is in the business of placing providers into facilities that maximizes their potential as a clinician, educator, and team member. We prepare our providers to respond to the changing landscape of healthcare in order to be successful in their assignments.

We are the country’s best boutique locums placement company. Most locums companies are out to shove you into a job they have. They have fought with all those other companies to do what is best for them not for you. A boutique locums company is different. We listen to what you want and where you want to go. We then work on your behalf to place you in a position that gives you the opportunity you are looking for.

As a boutique we look for what you want, not sell you on something you don’t want. We believe when you are reaching your potential you become an Ambassador of quality. You now represent Medical Ambassadors to our clients, patients, and medical communities.


  1. Compassionate Leadership.
  2. Honorable Culture – Generous and Grace-filled.
  3. Genuine, Humble, Honor our Word.
  4. Responsible – Accountable, Patient, Enduring.
  5. Integrity – Responsive, Follow-Through, Truthful.


  1. People – Honorable, Dignified, Moral.
  2. Experience – Years of Practice Management, Hospital Administration, Hands-on EM and HM Operations.
  3. Culture – of Aspiration and Teamwork.
  4. Leadership – Compassionate, Inspiring, Servant.



  1. Boutique Locums Placement.
  2. Personalized Locums Placement.
  3. Transition Services for Locums to Permanent Placement.
  4. Physician Advocacy.
  5. Physician and Facility Documentation and Coding Improvement.

Take your career to the next level.

Become a Medical Ambassador. You’re just one easy click away.

We take your career personally – We believe that every Medical Ambassador has a purpose. This special reason for being a physician is only uncovered through personally knowing what talents you bring to medicine. Our Concierges’ have spent decades mastering the art of getting the right provider to the right location. We are your companions as you provide your personal touch to the patients that we serve.
Think about this: What would you say if you could sign in for shifts, communicate to your hospital, get reimbursed for all your expenses, sign contract confirmations, and give feedback all on your smartphone? Well you don’t have to imagine at all, we are able to keep up with the speed of you! You can do all you need on your smartphone with special web apps that allow us to do all this with you.
Curiosity creates unforgettable memories – What sparks your curiosity? Is it the lights and action of a big city or gazing at the bright stars on a clear night in the country? As a boutique company, you tell us what makes you curious and we will find the situation that fulfills that desire. With a variety of practice locations and hospital settings we are responsive to opportunities that will create memorable stories for you.
We know how you feel because we feel the same! Medical Ambassadors is the only boutique locums’ company that is owned, operated, and lead by Doctors, Nurses, and Advance Practice Providers. We are walking in the same shoes you are and know your pain points and impediments. We share in the same struggles. Our goal is to assist you in navigating the healthcare environment and not only survive but thrive! We help you to be an ambassador of quality in places that need your help by offering the support and understanding you need.
Be true to your roots – Medical Ambassadors provides the practice environment that allows you to return to the real reason that you became a doctor. We believe in the preservation of that trusting bond between physician and patient. So Spend your time wisely. As a Medical Ambassador you are freed from monotonous meetings and hospital politics while at the same time being part of a team that will provide feedback on your performance. We will help guide you to achieving the value based metrics so you get credit for the quality and satisfaction that you bring to the patient and their family.
Good Character sets us apart – We believe that our character will speak louder than words. It is how we behave – how we treat our providers that will be our calling card. No need for flashy brochures, expensive ads, or unrelenting phone calls. Our character sells itself. So we put our money where our mouth is and pay you for the work you do when you do it. Why should you wait for others? Get paid as an ambassador!
The family that plays together stays together – At Medical Ambassadors we believe that the family can be included with work. Leaving your family behind to go “on assignment” creates a work-life imbalance. Because we value the family, our Concierges’ will make arrangements to have your loved ones be part of the experience. Whether that means a hotel suite instead of a room or a sight-seeing trip while you are on location, we strive to keep families connected. The locations that we serve have local treasures just waiting to be explored.
Our experience matters to you! Having our experienced physician leadership investigate the opportunity before you arrive will assure a better fit and a more rewarding experience. We never settle for Locums – Life is too short for cookie-cutter Locums’ companies. So Medical Ambassadors has gone beyond the traditional approach to bring you an experience that will let you know that you are valued. We research the hospital, the department, the culture, and the reason for the staffing need.